This is the post excerpt.


Am in this dark trench

Blinded by the darkness around

Eyes separated from the light

I feel like am losing my eyesight

Lift me and take me away

Let me feel a sense of life again

Lift me from this place

Show me the way to go


In this trench

All I see is strange

Darkness from dawn to dusk

Though I try to harden

But am almost losing hope

Is there light at the end of this tunnel?


Stretch a hand, grab me by my shirt

Hull me from this dirty tunnel

Listen to my silent shrieking voice

Run and save me from here

I am dying of loneliness in this crowd

Take me out of this earthly hell

Drop me in the promised land there

Show me the way, let me realize my dreams







I’m afraid of my own mind


it keeps reminding me of the things that drag me down

I hate my heart


it keeps carrying the burden that makes me

so heavy to make a step

I find comfort in panic

’cause I ,

fear the taste of a successful failure

I like the taste of my tears when they ran down my cheeks


I’m my own pain

I fall in love with the night

’cause I know ,

I can

hide my sorrows and smile in the day

Though not ,

a genuine smile but for my haters

so I,

can prove them wrong

Sometimes I ,

try to love myself

Hug myself, kiss my hands and assume its okey

I don’t know who’s gonna give me a clue of what I am


I feel the signs of a storm

Coming to take me away

Away from those who loved me


betrayed me when I

needed them the most


Tell them not to cry over me


I’m gonna stand here and wait for the. fate

I will not fight anymore for its my time to give up

Its my time

to let my weakness overcome

Its my time to let go

my strengths


Time to please my enemies

Time to give them a chance


The world hates my presence

It pulls me down

more than the gravity

The twinkling of the stars

shows me

my life is a laughing stock

I think,

I am not meant to stand


forever craw like a snail

Even the ground I’m standing on burns. my feet like hell

Trying to ran away,

But I,

don’t know to what destination


I will just go away from the universe

To just another place

Another place to be alone


I can no longer hold on

Holding on keeps me withering more

Holding on kills me more

Yesterday and today are the same

Despite today and tomorrow ?

I will be like an eagle flying without wings

And a fish living on land

Like wind blowing below the sea


a blind eyes seeing darkness clearly than light

This is my fainting heart

So let it be

Let it be







His hair is not grey

Nor is he young

He smells perfumes and

Allergic to the soils

He is ,

A Modern Village Witch

He has compass-like senses

Leads him to my father’s house

His piggy nose smells

My Sister’s Beauty


He comes knocking

On my father’s door


His perfume blinds Makena

My sister!

She stares at him

like a scarecrow


my father

booms from the cowshed

With the smell of cowdung


runs to the river

With a pot on her head

It breaks


she doesn’t worry

She runs

to watch the Modern Village Witch

walk away



He has already sprayed white paint on her skin

She is no longer black

She is bewitched

She follows him like a body guard

She calls him,

‘ Prince’


We no longer see Makena

But we hear about her!

My father on his death bed

Hopes to receive dowry


a bicycle for my brother

And a Kitenge dress for me

and Mother



Like a Saharan thirst

The same Modern Village Witch

Wants me too

He says,

I’m younger

and more beautiful

But I have,

ran away from home

Away ,

from the Modern Village witch

Who has stolen all the girls

of my age


Even cocks have refused to crow

In my village

Owls are silent in the nights

My sister is gone

My mother is in her second labour


for the destruction of


Modern Village Witch








I am the unrecognised soldier

But I would never bother

To claim for my rights


Not even the inside of me brights

But I wonder why

In the midst of this darkness

A human’s foot finds comfort,

Surelity and confidence.


I’m I not the one who made you win her heart yesterday?

While she looked below and noticed how beautifully I shinned.

And because,

I was expensive.

But today,

You pick me up from the old shelves to beat her up.

I wish I could stay forever on your feet so you look down at my torn sole,

To treasure her weak soul.


I’m I not the same me,

Who holds your feet?

My races tight so you can ran to win the meddle


through the hot tarmac I burn and wear out.

The friction on the ground hurts me.

But when I open my mouth for a breath

No mercy,


I find myself in a street bin.

You’ve forgotten,

I was the silt towards your meddle.


I’m I not me,

Who protects your feet from the thorny desert?

Held you so you ran away from the enemy.

I even let blood find its rest on me


You got hurt in the battlefield

But when,

I lost the strength to serve you

There you left me,

And your enemy finds comfort in me anyway.


I’m I not me,

Who’s loyalty never fades.

My company in and out of offices

Looking for a job.

So when,

The door opened wide,

You dissed me.

Now I rot in the rain

No more valuable.


I’m the same me

Who your fellows look at to give you a class

You gain confidence to stand on the pulpit

But you betray my effort

Cause you lie

That you can fit in their shoes

While you don’t even fit in me.

In me,

You hide hypocrisy.


I’m I not me,

The safest bank for your money?

While you hustle on the streets.

Cause you trust me

But when,

You have enough

You forget me,


I’m I not me,

You felt enough,

To stand and promise heaven

If they elected you

So now,

You forgot the time

You pleaded and walked so gently not even to harm me


I am,

the same you use to kick them out

Of your door

While they plead for help.

I wish,

Those promises left a mark on me


you never forget you were once a begger.







my ink becomes too thick to flow

So I sit to wait,


Mind becomes a battlefield

Not even a space for wind to blow.

‘Cause all these corners are locked.

Yet I’m never sure of what yields

Between my muscles and thoughts

Is alot I wish to clear.

This burden that no one wants to bear

But ,

I am a slave of this pen

And feels like my life is sentenced here forever.

I stand at the front like a soldier.


I remember ,

those childhood days.

Dreams written on my tongue.

Waiting ,

to split them out for anyone who asked !



So much ,

I dreamnt to be one

But I was afraid of neddles and white cause I’m black.

I shivered whenever I saw a wound,

Yet wished to be a doctor ?

I am a doctor,

A black doctor


I will not be in white masks

But black as the soils of my land

I will heal a heart,

that is almost dying

I will ,

tell the world that the worst disease would be us.

That we can only be a remedy of our own diseases,

If we believe in us.

To create our own heaven on earth !



When I grow up !


I am grown

And here I am ,


I’m not letting go this plane empty

I will,

fly my passengers to a realism world

Tell stories ,

of an honest hustler and a gambler

That both have a mind


A difference in the business they mind.


I will tell a prisoner behind bars they are safer than those imprisoned by their own selves.

I will tell them,

‘the outside of a cell is the entrance to another more dangerous cell’

So I will fly,

Fly thoughts of my generation

That ,

shortcuts will shorten our dreams


we are all destined

But not to a same destination


hatred is a burden that kills us instead of our enemies

So love is the most unifying factor.


I hate red ink for it reminds me

Of the blood on a chick’s neck .

And so,

Imaginations of humans who slaughter their fellows.

To win fame and power.

forgetting their origin.


So I adore black ink

‘Cause I am black and we are.

It reminds us that we belong together


So I wish,

everyone would let Power of love overcome,

the love of Power


So my ink fades,

But I’m at ease,

‘Cause black stumbles to rise

And not to fall.


© BellaPoet ,2017




If you feel something like love for me

Don’t let me know for I will lose my strength

I beg,

If you feel like holding my arm,

Don’t do it while I’m standing

But wait and see me stumble to the ground,

Burying my empty face on the brown soils,

Wait till you see my face in creases of tear

And my eyes swollen of watching dreams passing me by

When my hands and knees become so feeble to bear the cruelty of life

Then now,

Come to me,

Tell me you love the darker side of me

Hold my hand and show me the way

Wipe my tears and don’t ask me to smile because

You know I owe life what it calls me for

Help me stand and start the race again

Come behind me for you’ll be under my protection

Don’t cry over me when a bullet sinks into my belly

For it deserves not a plateful of Pizza nor Chicken

But a painful and bitter life


I will not ask you to nurse my wounds but to watch me do

I will not hide my tears for you should know

For you should read through my eyes

See a fighter


And when my days are gone,

Now tell me you love me

When I get buried and my picture hangs on the wall

When you only see me in your dreams

Tell me you love me

Buy a ring and place it on my grave

Then have shoots and smile on my behalf

Promise to love me forever


That not even death do as part

Let me die so you learn to fall in love with a fighter

Let me go silent so you learn to tell the world that she was a queen

Who died for poetry and rose to a world where her words ruled.







She holds a brush

Her feet tremble

but in rush

Through the itchy pitchy heart

full of trash

Her destiny is hidden

betwixt a eyelash

Her own beauty

makes her blush

She is a brand of brass

On the grass

She paints her dress


And so

it’s flowerless

she wants the world

To see her flawless

With a soul lifeless


This woman

is a fighter

She sees

the darkest brighter

She is

a super creature

Her dark skin

is richer

In the view of nature


is not a bleacher

Of her destiny and


Her steps

a measure

God’s love

her pleasure


is a love preacher

Her blood pressure

Is the world’s treasure



is prone


think alone


the crown


not her own


for her home


is a grown

Princess of

her throne


to her passion


to her creation


to her imperfection


to her motivation


©BellaPoet 2017

I am a seed floating among winds of change.

Nurtured by the fertility of divinity

To flourish.

Mind is the soil of my seeds to desire

My word is the sunlight,  the water creating materialization of tangible fruit.

Everybody listen to the waterfall

Our inclination is to take control

Our time is here!

I am among souls begot by the light


when climb and fall would double and rise.

Soul, that in the dark would summon and bright.

Have you any hands with this soul, the bricks to build a wall, void of falsehoods and tricks?

In peace sons bury their fathers


in war mothers bury their sons.

This makes our homes and property stumble.

For war has fooled us, made us lost.

After dedtruction,

we will end up bearing the cost.

Echoes of word’s footsteps in tears for the motherland vibrated.


government is cutting us like beards.

Returning violence for violence multiplies violence,

adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.

Hate cannot drive our hate but LOVE can!

Love is our most unifying and empowering common spiritual denominator.

The more we ignore its potential to bring greater balance and deeper meaning to human existence,

the more likely we’re to continue defining history as one long inglorious record of man’s inhumanity to man.